Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

After a campaign season that has lasted roughly two years, Americans head to the voting booth today to elect their new president, congressman, and many senators. By the end of the day we should (hopefully) know who will lead this country for the next four, two and six years respectively. Let us not only hope for, but actively ensure an impressive turn out of an informed electorate, so that our representative government is indeed representative.

Four years ago, I made a prediction on what would happen this presidential election. As soon as it was confirmed that Bush had won his second term, I turned to my friend Katie (who insistently started her own blog a few days ago at http://KatiesLiberalCorner.blogspot.com [and as you may figure out, we do not agree on almost anything politically]) to make my prediction. I said it would be Giuliani/McCain vs Clinton(Hillary)/Obama and that the Republicans would win. I was right about half each ticket, but flipped the position. By tomorrow the accuracy of the final part of the prediction should be known. Tomorrow I will post my prediction for the next presidential election.

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