Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tunisian Revolution Looking Like a Success

It would be especially good if the progenitor (of sorts) of the recent spade of revolutions ended well. Unfortunately, it does not guaranty a similar outcome for the rest.

"The swarms of journalists who descended on Tunisia less than three weeks ago have nearly departed, perhaps to find greater excitement in Egypt. The fact is, Tunisia has been going through what history may see as one of the most successful revolutions, leading to what all Tunisians are hoping to achieve — a truly democratic Tunisia.

Caf├ęs are packed and politics is the topic at every table. The television shows are having very candid discussions about the Ben Ali era and the crimes that were committed, as well as discussions about the new ministers who have been appointed and the nearly unanimous acceptance by Tunisians of the government in transition — a government that will call for new elections to be held in approximately six months.

Tunisians are enjoying watching the evening news, something they rarely did in the past. Now, the media has substance and transparency. Frank discussions take place on the radio and in the newspapers, with signs of optimism found throughout the nation. People are exuberant in their new-found freedom to speak as they choose and to participate in a transparent political process.

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