Friday, February 25, 2011

Americans Left to Take The Ferry Out of Libya

The ferry is as apposed to a military escort on navy ships; the United States forces that is. The whole point about maintaining different fleets is so they can be in different parts of the world simultaneously. They project American power and influence, and in a pinch can act to defend Americans globally. That, or they can just sit there and do nothing...

"Seriously. The State Department has chartered a ferry to take the hundreds of waiting Americans to Malta. But rough seas have delayed the ferry’s departure until Friday.

So where is our military and why aren’t they involved in the evacuation of Americans threatened by the violence in Libya?

Well there’s actually a simple answer to that:

So far the State Department has not requested the U.S. military to assist in the evacuation of civilians from Libya, something it would specifically have to request. Several U.S. officials have confirmed to CNN there is a vigorous debate inside the administration about whether to involve the military because of concern it could cause further provocations by the Libyan regime.

Ah … fear and intimidation. Assume the worst and … do nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean “nothing”.

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