Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama - 'Planned Parenthood Controversy Manufactured'

Notice that Obama uses the singular in describing a 'specific problem with a specific center'. Here is a link to another three centers caught in the sting; that is three in addition to the other ones that I posted about. The Republicans disagree voting to defund Planned Parenthood (240-185). They do not want tax payer money going toward abortions.

Planned Parenthood may provide other important services, but that does not mean it should get money to pay for abortions. Even if they say the funds will not be used for that purpose, money is fungible. Here is a very simple solution for them; split into two companies (or spin a company off). One company can exclusively provide abortions and have people pay for it themselves or raise money from pro-choice donors. The other company can provide all the other services and can request funds. They may still face opposition form people that feel the government can not afford to give money to the company or just on principle should not be getting involved, but the fear of tax payer money being used for abortions would be extinguished.

Video embedded below.

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