Friday, February 18, 2011

US Vetoes UN 'Settlements' Resolution

Then the ambasator seemed to verbally agree with the resolution... . This all after originally agreeing to rebuke Israel in Security Council which was apparently seen as not enough.

"The Obama administration issued its first UN Security Council veto Friday, when U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice voted alone against a resolution declaring Israeli settlement activity to be illegal.

The 14-1 vote failed after Rice raised her hand alone to vote in opposition to the resolution, which had several dozen co-sponsors, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Serbia, China, etc.

Rice said the U.S. vote against the resolution should not be misunderstood as U.S. support for Israeli settlement activity.

"On the contrary, we reject in the strongest possible terms the legitimacy of continued settlement activity," Rice told the Security Council after the vote. "For more than four decades, [Israeli settlement activity] has undermined security ...corroded hopes for peace and security ... it violates international commitments and threatens prospects for peace."

But, Rice said, "this resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides."

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  1. Whatever your position, the resolution was counter-pr­oductive because it would not have influenced Israeli behavior one iota. So what you get is another toothless resolution condemning Israel. What suppose some people hope is that by getting the UN to declare the settlement­s illegal they can somehow impose their will on the US Congress and force it to block US funding of Israeli settlement activities­. That would not happen. Until the majority of the US public believes that the Arabs will accept and live peacefully alongside any Jewish state, there is no hope of changing US policy towards Israel in a meaningful way.


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