Monday, February 21, 2011

Breitbart in Madison (Wisconsin) - 'Battle of Our Times'

Breitbart joined a growing number of Tea Party Protesters in support of Governor Walker (R). One of my favorite signs I spotted on TV went something along the lines of 'Sorry we are late, we work for a living'. Battle of our times may be a bit of a rhetorical flourish, but it is an important. What happens in Wisconsin will have ripple effects for how the state debt crisis is going to be solved. The Unions and Democrats know it and that is why they are pulling out all the stops to try and block the proposal.

Video embedded below.

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  1. tea party people were outnumbered 35 to 1, most of whom were bused in from out of state with Koch brother funded "tea party" groups, what a sham.

    Breitbart is a pathetic man who would attack teachers and workers but would never shlep his fat ass out to wall street or K street to protest the oligarchs who actually run the country and who actually are siphoning off the vast majority of our wealth. He doesn't care about democracy, by his actions it seems he disdains it. he cares about settling ideological scores and siding with powerful interests against the concerns of working people.

    The state debt "crisis" has been manufactured by republican and pro-corporate democrat policiies for the purpose of further concentrating wealth in the hands of the richest, and further putting working people on a race to the bottom. The only kind of institutions with any power, as a countervailing force to oligarchic business interests are unions that represent the interests of middle and working class people. Republicans would like nothing more then to crush any potential force representing these concerns- not surprisingly poor, workign and middle class people vote for democrats when they vote. In fact if everyone just registered as a democrat as opposed to a republican voted in every election, the republicans would barely hold any offices at all. Walker didn't just propose cuts, he propsed taking away collective bargaining rights, thus the move by Walker is purely political and has nothing to do with the budget. Republicans are desperate to crush democracy in the United States.


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