Sunday, February 20, 2011

Violent Rhetoric Coming From The Pro-Wisconsin-Union Supporters

Just how violent and uncivil was the rhetoric; enough that they had to adjourn early and leave under police escort.

"Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said he decided to adjourn the Assembly this evening because Gov. Scott Walker called minutes before lawmakers took the floor to tell him to get his caucus members and staff out of the building because their safety could no longer be assured.
There have been reports of threats against lawmakers throughout the week, and Fitzgerald was escorted out of the building by sheriff deputies.

It was violent enough that in the news reports you heard passing mentions that the Republican state senators refused to confirm if they were headed to their home or not (the addresses of which were published) fearing for their families safety.

There are tweets calling for Walker's death;

Video embedded below.

There have been arrests from what may have been attempted attacks; (via)

"Nine people have been arrested in the third day of widespread protests at the state Capitol.
The arrests come after two days of incident-free rallies and demonstrations, as protesters have remained mostly peaceful. State officials did not immediately return calls asking for details on the nine arrests.

Police hand-cuffed one protester after he apparently tried to charge into the state Assembly.
Moments before a roll call began in the Assembly on Thursday, reporters heard a crash outside the chamber. They rushed out and saw a man on the ground. Police officers were on top of him. They handcuffed him and led him away.

A legislative aide said he saw the man rush from the line of protesters and try to charge into the chamber. The man tripped and the police captured him.

They are even going after Walker's son;

Picture embedded below.

For more be sure to check out the Top 15 Photos From the Wisconsin Hate Rallies You'll Never See in Legacy Media.

There is more violence, vitriol, hate, or just 'general unpleasantness' here then in all the Tea Party Rallies combined. The coverage however, is decidedly more positive about this.

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    Good thing the Tea Partiers have gotten themselves over to Wisconsin to help Breitbart counter protest against those greedy unions.

    Wisconsin's budget was in the black, Walker took it into the red by cutting taxes on the richest and created a "budget crisis" to assault workers rights. learn the facts, fight corporatist right wing propaganda


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