Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man Dies in Hospital Parking Lot Waiting For an Ambulance

Seems like this policy should be changed.

"An injured man who had just crashed his car in a hospital parking lot was forced to wait for an ambulance because of hospital procedure, Portland police said.

Investigators said 61-year-old Birgilio Marin-Fuentes died afterwards from cardiac complications.
The witness told the officer a man had just crashed his car into a light pole in the hospital parking lot, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson.

The officer responded to the crash scene and found Marin-Fuentes unresponsive. Simpson said the driver had apparently suffered a medical condition not associated with the crash.

Adventist spokeswoman Judy Lindsay Leach said the charge nurse directed a paramedic to go immediately to the scene, then dispatched first responders.

The crash was approximately 100 yards from the hospital, but the victim could not be processed without following standard ambulance protocol.
The officer performed CPR for six minutes while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The announcement came several hours later that Marin-Fuentes had died.

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