Monday, February 14, 2011

Artifacts From Egyptian Museum of Cairo go Missing

This is an unfortunate consequence of the chaos that resulted from the revolution. Hopefully the missing artifacts are stolen with the intent of being sold on the black market. Those artifacts can eventually be recovered; if they were just destroyed (the other likely alternative) they could be gone for good.

"At least 17 artifacts from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo are missing following a break-in, the country's minister of antiquities said Sunday.

The missing objects include a gilded wood statue of King Tutankhamun being carried by a goddess; parts of a gilded wood statue of Tutankhamun harpooning; a limestone statue of Akhenaten; a statue of Nefertiti making offerings; a sandstone head of an Amarna princess; a stone statuette of a scribe from Amarna; 11 wooden shabti statuettes of Yuya; and a heart scarab of Yuya.

The discovery that the ancient treasures are missing came after museum staff took an inventory, Zahi Hawass said in a statement.

The police and army plan to question people who are already in custody, Hawass said.

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