Monday, March 15, 2010 may on its face seem as yet another Tea Party Protest group, but this one has an interesting distinction. The President and CEO Virginia (Ginni) Thomas is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife. There is some insinuation in the piece that this could be a problem or may already be influencing the Supreme Court judge, but it is very cursory as there is nothing that really hints at this; more a general fear. It is slightly comical that there is this general fear of a wife of a Supreme Court Judge being an activist, when there did not seem to be a concern from them that a nominee to the Supreme Court used to be an activist.


  1. What do you think it says that the wife of clarence thomas, apparently a right-wing activist, has founded her own tea party group?

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - nothing really; certainly less concern then a Supreme Court Judge who appeared to be an activist (among other less neutral activities) before being sworn onto the bench.

  3. She has every right everybody has to protest a Government that's gone astray

  4. Oboma and his appointees are attempting to crush capitalism and resurrect socialism in this great nation, but they forget one important factor---WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  5. Aloha!

    Any SCOTUS spouse or mom or dad or brother or sister should be able to form a group as one wishes.

    This is what democracy is all about.

    A citizen who happens to be married to a SCOTUS Justice is concerned about something and she's doing something about it. She is not using taxpayers' dime or on government time. All the power to her and her group.

    If one sees any impropriety or misuse of her husband's position in this, one then has the obligation to protest just the same.


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