Saturday, March 13, 2010

Want the connivance of a RSS Reader without all that pesky setting up? IF you do not want to plug in the name of the sites you want, or do not know what sites to follow, check Instead of starting from scratch, you are given a base from which you can refine.

"I use Google Reader a lot — not only to stay on top of the news, but also to find interesting blog posts and articles. I’m always telling my friends about Google Reader, and while some of them love it, others don’t want to take the time to set it up. For those of you who fall into this second category, we’re announcing Google Reader Play, a new product that makes the best stuff in Reader more accessible for everyone. Reader Play is a new way to browse interesting stuff on the web, customized to the topics you’re interested in, with no setup required."

"It’s called Google Reader Play, and it’s a new way to browse interesting stuff on the web that’s easy to use and personalized to the things you like. Best of all, there’s no set-up required: visit to give it a try."

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  1. Interesting stuff on the web? Try if you're looking for interesting/awesome stuff :D


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