Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gmail - 3 New Calendar Labs

Google is adding some flexibility and utility to its calendar system. The icons and gentle reminders look useful, but I would say away from the automatically declining events. An event could be important enough to change your plans, and making creators wait a bit longer for a decline is not a big deal.

"1. Event flair by Dave Marmaros
Want a little airplane icon next to information about your upcoming flight? Or stars next to meetings with your boss? This experiment lets you choose from forty different icons and add one to each Calendar event.
2. Gentle reminders by Sorin Mocanu
If you keep Google Calendar open all day long, you probably end up seeing quite a few reminders every day. Browser alerts are okay, but I tried to find a way for Calendar notifications to integrate smoothly with everything else.

Turn on "Gentle Reminders," and when you get a notification, the title of your Calendar window or tab will start blinking and the event details will stay in Calendar.
3. Automatically declining events

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