Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bill Whittle - Flying Solo: Choose Freedom Over the Nanny State

Video embedded below.


  1. This is like watching The Secret, new age self-help gurus, or evangelical televangelists. Honestly turn on the Christian news network or something like that and watch the passionately expressed projections soar!

    Haha i mean, what is he really talking about but his own feelings?

    "Ahh the days when we would ride in the back of pick up trucks and go to drive-in movies, We were just so damn self-reliant and America was on the up and up because we were just so FREE! that was before those damn hippie liberulzzzz started tellin us not to beat up fags, and now look what else their telling me to do! HOW DARE YOU INFORM ME ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF MY ACTIVITIES ON THE ENVIORMENT! EAT SAND YOU NAZI! WOOO USA! USA! USA!

    JK, I’ve read some of Bill Whittles blog, Eject Eject Eject, and I think its pretty obvious that this guy has a screw loose. I mean if you think nancy whatever her name was selling enviroment stuff is you’re enemy or our enemy, then its gotta be a long and winding road in your head before you come to that kind of conclusion, especially when he so obviously is taking that personally. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, what at all does it have to do with his life? How is it stopping him from riding his plane? Are we supposed to feel bad for him or something, like him and Harrison Ford are under some kind of assault!

    I think its great that he found something in his life he enjoys, that’s the point. Him and Harrison Ford have reached a stage of economic development where they have a lot of freedom to do what they want. To do creative things and enjoy the creative work of others. The Idea that this freedom depends on keeping others down-prolonging the status-quo- just makes no sense, if anything his freedom is being limited by a vast majority of his countrymen’s freedom being limited by structural economic inequalities and a lack of opprotunity- which by no means have to exist- it frankly boils down to what kind of system we want.

    I think its pretty obvious that I think this guy may have a screw loose, either way I would ask my Korean massage lady advice on how to feel about politics before this guy. Also sadly, this kind of ultra-nationalist ranting reinforces my view that Hardliner politics is defined by social resentments and protecting power, more then anything positive.

    If was harrison ford and I saw this I would be creeped the eff out. Haha What a weird idealization of Harrison Ford.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - I think you may need to watch the video again because you missed the point. There is not notion of that your "freedom depends on keeping others down-prolonging the status-quo", just the opposite. Do not let them hold you down and be more self reliant.

  3. yeah i know that's what the "point" is, its self-help advice. who is "them" in your head?

    If I told you to be "self reliant" that can definetly be considered good advice, If that's your prescription for a country with the kind of structural inequality we have, then you aren't really helping anybody or doing anything productive for our society's problems.

    Don't take anyones advice, think for your self.


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