Sunday, November 8, 2009

Passage in The House The 'High Watermark of Obama Care'?

Ed Morrissey asks if the Health Care bill has passed in the House is going to be the 'High Watermark of Obama Care'. The implicit thought is that the Health Care Overhaul does not have enough votes in the Senate, and not twice. There is also a serious question if Pelosi could muster enough votes if the Senate decides not to have the abortion carve out, when she barely had enough with it.

"The Democrats wheedled, cajoled, begged, and finally abandoned its defense of abortion — truly a watershed moment — in order to get their version of ObamaCare passed … in the House of Representatives, where they enjoy a 75-seat majority. In the end, they could only muster a five-vote win on Nancy Pelosi’s bill out of that strong majority.
Now the focus swings to the Senate, where Harry Reid will have to gain supermajorities at least twice to allow the bill to proceed to a final vote. That seems unlikely, although not impossible. The process will slow down considerably from the jam-down Pelosi conducted in the lower chamber, perhaps even to a crawl if Tom Coburn makes good on his threat to have the bill read in its entirety on the Senate floor. That will leave plenty of time for ObamaCare opponents to find all of the taxes, mandates, and government intrusions that will make it even less popular as it sits in the Senate.

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