Thursday, November 12, 2009

Judge Rules Quadriplegic Man Has a Legal Right to Bear Arms

A judge in New Jersey has ruled that a quadriplegic man can not be blocked from owning fire arms as he has a legal right to bear arms. If you are wondering how a man that has no control over his limbs plans on operating the weapon, he plans to mount it on his wheel chair and fire it using his breathing tube.

I say this without the slightest hint of sarcasm ... Awesome! Someone should hook that guy up with a 'tricked out' wheel chair capable of mounting a 50 caliber rifle. (bold mine)

"A New Jersey judge says a quadriplegic blocked from buying a gun to go hunting has the right to bear arms even though he will have to use a wheelchair mount to use the firearm.
Cap was an avid hunter as a teenager. He was paralyzed 30 years ago after breaking his neck in a high school football game. He plans to mount the gun on his wheelchair and operate it with a breathing tube.

Update (12/14/2009): Video

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