Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buying Better Grades

Selling a better grade? That is what one middle school did before reversing course following the outrage. If a student payed $20, they would get 20 extra points divided evenly between two tests of the students choosing. We are not talking about complaints that richer students can afford better tutors, we are talking about literally buying better grades. What is worse, that the parent advisory council came up with the idea or the principle endorsed and implemented it?

"Selling candy didn't raise much money last year, so a Goldsboro middle school tried selling grades.

However, the fundraiser came to an abrupt halt today after a story in The News & Observer raised concerns about the the practice of selling grades.
A $20 donation to Rosewood Middle School would have gotten a student 20 test points - 10 extra points on two tests of the student's choosing. That could raise a B to an A, or a failing grade to a D.

Susie Shepherd, the principal, said a parent advisory council came up with the idea, and she endorsed it. She said the council was looking for a new way to raise money.

John Hawkins explains that money is not the most important thing when it comes to good grades.

"Did you know that the 5 states that spend the least per pupil are all conservative states? Not a big shocker there, right? Here are the numbers.
That's a heck of a difference, right? Almost twice as much per pupil is being spent in the liberal states.

So, out of these two groups of states -- which ones have the best SAT scores?
Well, the highest score in that top 5 batch? It was Oklahoma, at 1,149.00. So, they beat Connecticut, which outspends them almost 2-to-1, by more than 100 points. But, what about the low score? That would be Arizona, which came in at 1,044. That is higher than Connecticut, which was the best of the high spending liberal states.

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