Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David Plouffe (Obama's Former Campaign Manager) Takes a Swipe at Fox News

I am not sure if this breaks the truce regarding the recent Obama attacks Fox News saga given that Plouffe does not work in the Obama White House. There was also some chatter that Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday had already broken that truce. This assumes that there really was a truce to begin with, and if there was, I doubt it can really hold.

Video embedded below.


"GREGORY: ...Let's talk about the White House's decision to try to isolate Fox News. To declare a kind of war on Fox News. During the campaign, you all did business with Fox News. Didn't have-- problem with that. Why has that changed?

PLOUFFE: Well, we did business. Obviously-- it turned into a 24-hour propaganda channel for the McCain Campaign really in the last 60 days. So, listen, let's-- let's-- Fox News on their-- in the primetime, average viewers about two and a half million. 140 million people voted in the election. So, it's less than two percent of the electorates. So, I think sometimes we overstate, particularly in Washington the impact of this cable news culture.

But the fact that they're out there reporting that health care is gonna cost a trillion and a half dollars, you know, the President's at war with the C.I.A., the President must not be serious about terrorism. They're just out there. And it's not just in the evening. It's their morning show. The Today Show certainly doesn't make these kind of statements. And I think the danger is if what Fox is propagating out there becomes embraced by media, then there is a big (UNINTEL).

GREGORY: Why not engage them? Why not engage-- I mean, isn't-- I thought that this was a candidate who campaigned about staying above the fray.

PLOUFFE: Well, we-- listen, we went on Fox a lot during the campaign.

GREGORY: Right. But--

GREGORY: You disagree with what they're doing now?

PLOUFFE: No. I think you've seen the Administration have presence on Fox. I'm sure you will again. But the point is, I think, you have to put a spotlight on some of the irresponsibility coming out of that network. Even though the audience itself is fairly modest. If it-- if it creeps outside of that, it becomes an issue.

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