Thursday, September 10, 2009

Olbermann Withdraws Order to Dig up Dirt on Beck

That did not take long. Almost as soon as Olbermann asked people to dig up dirt on Glenn Beck and his staff (Berman Post: Olbermann Suggests All Criticism of Obama is Racist, Declares War on Beck), he has called it off. Some are suggesting it could be from a realization of what happened to the last guy that organized an attack against Beck; Van Jones (Berman Post: Van Jones Resigns)

"Within the course of 48 hours, he asked Daily Kos readers to send him everything they could dig up about Fox News host Glenn Beck, and then called off the dogs.

That's right.

The host of "Countdown," apparently worried about his image, posted a follow-up blog Tuesday telling his minions to stand down but remain ready to attack if he needs them in the future

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