Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anti-Abortion Victim Killed Because of His Belief

The anti-abortion activist shot and killed in front of a high school in Michigan (Berman Post: Anti-Abortion Activist Shot Dead in Front of a School) has been identified as James Pouillon (age 63). The suspected shooter, Harlan Drake, appears to have killed Pouillon because he did not like his message. Drake is believed to have killed one other, and intended to kill a third.

"Drake was arrested at home about an hour later. Police said he stated he had also shot Fuoss.

"The indication is that he had ill will ... a grudge against these three individuals," said Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry. "The defendant was offended by the manner of Mr. Pouillon's message."

This profile says Pouillon was known as a "peaceful abortion sign guy."

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