Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN Employees in Baltimore Give Advice to Pimp on Tax Evasion And Child Prostitution

There is so much ACORN news (as long as you do not rely on the main stream media) that it is hard to be surprised by what you here, like the 11 workers arrested for voter fraud ( That said, this new report on ACORN is pretty shocking.

Two ACORN employees working in Baltimore have been fired ( after being caught on tape advising a pimp how to get away with breaking the law. Included in that was telling them how launder money into a political campaign generated from underage prostitutes smuggled into the country illegally. Just watch the two clips. When you think you should stop watching because it can not get any worse, give it another 30 seconds and you will see you were mistaken. It is like that the whole way through both of them.

Videos embedded below. (from

The full audio of the entire conversation is embedded below (just under an hour). (from’keefe)


James agreed and has posted them on his website.  We have posted the audio here:

View the complete transcript here.


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