Wednesday, February 3, 2010

America Now Just 'Mostly Free' (Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom)

For the first time ever, America has fallen to 'Mostly Free' (from Free) in the Heritage Foundation's (in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal) Index of Economic Freedom. Is this the 'change' we signed up for?

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Full Disclosure: I was an intern at the Heritage Foundation a few years back. I had no direct involvement in the ranking of countries in the Index of Economic Freedom, though I did use information from the index in an article that was published regarding Free Economies Help Women.


  1. hey i wrote my first blog post about the heritage foundation.

    you guys have an interesting conception of "freedom"

  2. @ian Dubrowsky - "Interesting"? Care to elaborate on that point.

    You should also feel free to link to your post you are referring to in your comments. I believe this post is the one you are referring to since you only have two thus far and the first one was a test, but please correct me if I am wrong.


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