Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Parent Babies Coming Soon?

Science is close, if not already able, to bring us babies with three biological parents. Specifically two mothers and a father. Combine that with scientists creating sperm and eggs from stem cells and the child could have three of the same sex parents at least one of them having had a cell manipulated to the opposite sex reproductive component. Society needs to start thinking hard and fast about what it wants and what this all could mean. If they do not, scientist may start making some of those decisions for us and we could all be caught unprepared. (via)

"Scientists are a step closer to producing a controversial "three parent baby" after they successfully fertilised an egg with two biological mothers.

Researchers used eggs from young donors to repair damaged eggs of older women in order to increase their chances of fertilisation.

They have not yet used the eggs to produce babies, but they have injected them with sperm to produce an early stage embryo in the laboratory.

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