Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Republicans Win Big, What Does it Mean?

In the elections yesterday, Republicans won big. It was not a total 'sweep', but pretty close. The margins were also impressive, but the question of what it all means remains.

The problem in issuing concrete verdicts is it is hard weigh the impact of a bad Democratic candidate, good Republican candidate, and Obama's effect. I am referring to the races where the Republicans won. Was the loss because the Democratic running was to far behind the Republican for Obama to make any difference, did Obama hurt them, or did Obama not have any real impact?

While the percentages may not really be calculable, it is safe to say that Obama does not have the clout he used to. That means Blue Dog Dems in conservative districts are going to have to think long and hard of which way to vote. They know they can not count on Obama to swing through and save them.

Regardless of the reason, Republicans have something to build on and some momentum after a few disastrous elections.

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