Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Passenger Accidentally Ejects Himself From The Plane

In a classic 'that is why you I told you not to press the button' (or pull the lever), a civilian accidentally activated his ejector seat while flying. He was flying in a militarily plane on display maneuvers in South Africa. It is thought that he was trying to steady himself during one of the maneuvers, and grabbed hold of the lever for that purpose without realizing what it was. Once he pull on it, the ejector seat activated and he was literally rocketed out of the plane. The seat worked as designed, and after rocketing away from the plane the parachute opened and he floated safely down to earth.

Bet you he will not make that mistake twice.


"It is thought he activated the ejector seat after lurching forward during an aerobatic manoeuvre and accidentally pulling on the black and yellow emergency handle between his legs.
As soon as it was activated, the ejection sequence activated two rockets attached to the back of his chair.

The man, who has not been named, later floated back down to Earth on a parachute which opened automatically.

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