Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Officials' Definition of Diversity?

I believe that racial bean counting is not only wrong but racist. If we are to pride ourselves as having a society built on meritocracy then the most qualified person must always get the job. That selection should not be influenced by the person race, gender, or any other quality that has no impact on qualification/skill. It should also not be impacted by the racial or sexual composition of the rest of the people currently employed.

If you are intent on bean counting, would it be racist to not select races/gender in proportion? I would think so. You could argue proportion of what; qualified applicants, total population, 'x' school graduates ..., but I would find it hard to believe that there are zero white men in any category not set intentionally to exclude them. If you are a bean counter, you can argue that Bush went to far to one side, but you would have to acknowledge that Obama is to far on the other.

As I said before, I hope that there has been no bean counting and that the most qualified people are the ones being selected. (via)

"Obama officials, too, point with pride to their record on diversity. Of Mr. Obama’s 12 appellate nominees, six are women, four are black, one is Asian and one is Hispanic. By contrast, about two-thirds of Mr. Bush’s nominees were white men."

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