Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fact Checking The Fact Checkers

The Associated Press got an advanced copy of Palin's new book 'Going Rogue' and assigned almost a dozen (specifically 11) reporters to fact check it and see if she had gone 'rogue on the facts'. Despite the 11 fact checkers, they only came up with six supposed errors, but it appears the fact checkers may actually be the ones in the wrong.

"Again, the AP doesn't quote Palin but rather asks us to take their word for the fact that Palin "welcomes" the Supreme Court's Exxon Valdez decision in her book as a "ruling [that] went 'in favor of the people.'" I would bet that the AP is mischaracterizing what Palin says in her book. She criticized the Supreme Court's decision at the time, as did most Alaskans, and cited it as a Supreme Court decision with which she disagreed in the Katie Couric interview. I seriously doubt that she contradicts that position in her book, although I wouldn't doubt that she called the verdict against Exxon (which was slashed by the Supreme Court) as a decision "in favor of the people."

It appears to be a tribute to the factual accuracy of Palin's book that eleven hostile AP reporters can't come up with anything better than this.

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