Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eighteen Button Mouse

There have been a lot of computer 'mice' (mouse) produced and technology that may eliminate them all together, so to make headlines with a version of this product, a better 'mouse trap' if you will, you need to do something over the top. I type this post with the aid of my two button mouse with a wheel in the center. It is not the most complicated computer mouse, as 'gamer mouse' have an extra button on the side. Even a gamer mouse pales in comparison to this eighteen button mouse. They could and should add the Blue Laser component.


"Over on the free-software side of the world, things are a little different. If the phrase “design by committee” ever sent an icy pang of fear into your heart, then look away now. The Open Office organization, behind the splendid free MS Word alternative of the same name, have come up with a mouse with not one button, but 18, all of which can be double clicked, if you can actually contort your fingers to reach them."

Picture embedded below.


More at http://warmouse.com

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