Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Operation: Iota Cracker

With "at least dozens of people" signed up, in a few days some of you will be attending Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. The media will be out in force looking to cast dispersions on the rally. We have seen it before, and seen them try to erase history to cover up the skewed reporting. They are also not beyond editing videos to 'prove' a false point. This time around there will be another force to contend with. I am not speaking of the poorly executed fifth column people. I am referring to the New Black Panthers.

They came back on the national radar with the voter intimidation incident in Pennsylvania during the 2008 election. Charges were brought against the Democratic Committee member and credentialed poll watcher which were dismissed by Obama's Justice Department. That led to an inquiry, accusations of a covered it up, and the resignation of Christian Adams (DOJ Attorney).

In the firestorm that ensued New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz (a man who praises Osama Bin Laden and Taliban) was interviewed by Mediaite's Tommy Christopher He promised that he would be at Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. Geraldo (Fox News) interviewed him as well along with many others; but the message remained fairly consistent.

The impetus of this post is to help you know what to do if you are one of the people confronted by the New Black Panthers, and the clue is in the title (Operation: Iota Cracker). No matter what you do they will almost certainly call you a racist just for showing up. Of course you are not racist; they are the ones with comments and policies that discriminate against white people and cast dispersions on Jews. When they accuse you of being racist, pull out a cracker (a chip could suffice in a pinch but cracker is preferable) and offer it to them. The cracker is a prop references to Samir Shabaz's 'I hate white people, every Iota of a Cracker I hate em' and other incendiary/racist remarks where he goes on to explain that for black people to be free they are going to have to kill white people and their babies (jump to 10:45 in the clip). The reason for the visual prop is that the media will show the confrontation but may try to edit out or voice over what you have to say. They have to explain to their viewers though why people are waving crackers around. If they do not the viewers curiosity will hopefully be peaked enough to research it for themselves, while the network gets pounded for skewed reporting.

Beck has asked people not to bring political signs or anything that would deter from the peaceful message of the rally. I do not believe bringing a cracker to be in violation of that request. It goes without saying, but just to be clear, do not offer crackers to random black people; that would be racist. The type of cracker you use might matter. It is almost laughable, but I can imagine reports on how 'the fact that the person used a Saltine / Lay's Barbecue chip / Wheat Thin proves that they are racist'. If that concerns you, you can take a few different types of crackers that have different shapes and colors.

What ever you do, cracker in pocket or not, be sure to video tape any encounter in full. Nothing is more effective to protect and counter skewed reporting and false accusations than a complete video of the event in question.

See past Black Panthers and Tea Party Protest coverage.

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