Sunday, August 15, 2010

Turkey Caught Using Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds?

There has not been a conclusive finding; but the evidence discovered thus far is more than sufficient to justify a serious investigation. Be fore that happens though this story would need to garner much more attention. Someone will eventually accuse Israel of either supplying the chemicals, or being the perpetrators of the attack; then maybe the media will pay attention. Of course at that point the call will be for yet another misguided investigation into alleged 'Israeli war crimes' while ignoring or justifying the actual war crimes committed by Israel's adversaries. (via)

"The German weekly newsmagazine Der Spiegel has published an investigative article that accuses the Turkish military of using chemical weapons against members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The magazine reports that forensic experts at the Hamburg University Hospital have confirmed the authenticity of 31 photographs that show the severely scorched bodies of eight PKK fighters who are believed to have been killed in the Kurdish town of Çukurca in September 2009. The hospital says it is highly probable that the victims in the photographs, six men and two women who are said to be scarcely recognizable as human beings, died “due to the use of chemical substances.”
According to a detailed report by the Berlin daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung, the incident took place on September 8, when Turkish military headquarters received word that one of its soldiers had been killed by PKK fighters. The army responded by dispatching helicopters and several troop units to the area in an effort to scatter an estimated 7,000 PKK fighters. According to eyewitnesses cited by Die Tageszeitung, eight PKK fighters tried to escape by hiding in a nearby cave. But they were soon discovered by Turkish troops, who proceeded to fire artillery shells, allegedly laden with poison gas, into the cave. Turkish troops later pulled the lifeless bodies from the cave, sprayed them with bullets, and then drove over them with their tanks.

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