Sunday, August 29, 2010

Protesters Head to Sea Over Obama Administration’s Fishing Regulations

If a group of people board boats to protest Obama while he is on vacation and the media does not breathlessly cover it as they did with Sheehan/Bush did it ever really happen? Of course, though some people are hoping the rest of us will not notice it; or is it since they are not protesting Bush they are somehow less newsworthy?

"Around noon, at least 20 fishing vessels began circling Vineyard Haven’s harbor, blasting their air horns and displaying banners to protest President Obama’s restrictions on commercial fishing that they say threaten their livelihood.

Two U.S. Coast Guard Zodiac boats intercepted the flotilla of protesters minutes out from the president’s vacation paradise, but were keeping their distance and have so far made no attempt to stop the fishermen either physically or by radio.

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