Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama Discovers New Reason Politicians Should Avoid Umbrellas

For more then half a century, politicians have tried to avoid being filmed or photographed with an umbrella. The reason was to avoid comparisons with 'peace in our time' Neville Chamberlain. Come to think of it though; if not for the public disdain for appeasement Obama might not mind the sort of appeasements-ish 'negotiate until we are blue in the face and you have already done what ever it was you wanted to do in the first place that we did not want you to do' comparison. Well, he would probably disagree with my imputed likely outcome of his negotiating style; but we will see visa-vi Iran soon enough. Does anyone think we are going to convince Iran to drop their nuke program. I digress.

The reason, shown in a photo, comes to you through Drudge by way of Instapundit to Althouse; which also just screams 'what if Bush did it'.

Picture embedded below.

In that same post Althouse includes the less then confidence inspiring juxtaposition of Obama and Putin, and shows that while Obama did not pull it off it is possible to look cool with a bike.

Pictures embedded below.

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