Saturday, August 28, 2010

Overhead Shot of Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

Picture embedded below.

The crowd attending the "Restoring Honor" rally, ...

This shot is pulled back further then the first Aerial Crowd Picture of Beck's Restoring Honor Rally That picture cuts out a substantial amount of people. Same problem as the last though with the low resolution and trouble judging crowd density. The trees are also blocking a substantial number of people. Still, this would seem to bolster 500k being the low end of the estimate.

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  1. I stood in the crowd under the trees to the right of the photo. It was very crowded there to the point where you could still hear the sounds of the event and speakers. Unfortunately the sound wasn't directdly broadcast into this area and it detracted from the overall great experience. For such a huge event the lacking logistical detail is understandable; however, hopefully future events will be done for this large crowd size.

  2. BTW a lot of people gathered under the trees for relief from the heat; the shade was nice. This areas was of a high density but as alluded difficult to accurately guess the amount of people. Both photos appear to be from the top of the Washington Monument. Photos from the top of the Lincoln Memorial (where I stood for a time) should be impressive as it was a solid sea of people.

  3. Not even close to a half-million. Do you honestly have any idea what a 500,000 people look like from above!?! Have you ever actually been to the National Mall and walked this area? There is plenty of green to be seen within the crowd on the left and the area to the right (under the trees) is not nearly as wide as you imaging. There are several monuments over there that take up plenty of space. The sparse crowd on the slope leading up to the Washington Monument is a clear indicator of crowd size. Five-Hundred Thousand people in this space would fill the whole area around the entire base of the Washington Monument. I have seen sporting events with crowds larger than this.


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