Thursday, August 19, 2010

High School Caught Spying on Kids Using School Issued Laptop Webcams Escape Charges

The High School that was caught using laptop webcams to take pictures of their students in the student's home have avoided any charges. The prosecutor found no 'criminal intent'. While not mentioned specifically, I am forced to assume that the school lucked out by not taking any nude pictures of under age children or violating any other strict liability offense.

"But federal and local prosecutors looking into the incident were unable to prove criminal intent on the part of school employees and therefore could not prosecute the case, according to U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger.

"After a thorough review of the evidence in this matter by my office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, the Montgomery County Detectives, and the Lower Merion Police Department, I have concluded that bringing criminal charges is not warranted in this matter," Memeger said in a statement. "We have not found evidence that would establish beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone involved had criminal intent," he added.
The allegation brought to light that the district had activated the Webcams on student laptops over a 14-month period through the use of a remote control system. School officials said that the tracking system was set up only to locate lost or stolen laptops, but they soon admitted that the software had stayed active even after a laptop was found. As a result, the program took images every 15 minutes, capturing a total of 56,000 pictures in total, according to the Associated Press.

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