Monday, August 23, 2010

Federal Judge Blocks Funding For Embryonic Stem Cell Research

"Here’s the opinion, which is mercifully short. In a nutshell: Every year as part of the budget, Congress passes something called the Dickey-Wicker amendment that blocks federal funds for research in which a human embryo is destroyed. When Obama took office, he lifted Bush’s famous executive order from 2001 limiting money for embryonic stem-cell research and told NIH to create new guidelines that would comply with Dickey-Wicker while also expanding funding. What NIH came up with were rules that said money can’t go to research in which embryos are destroyed but can go to research on stem-cell lines derived from killed embryos. In other words, no federal funding for step one in the process, the killing of the embryo, but federal funding for the rest of the process is okay. The question for the court: Does that policy violate Dickey-Wicker? If an embryo was destroyed some time ago and its stem-cell line is still being replicated, is it okay to give money to scientists researching that line or does that constitute “research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed”?

The answer: Yep, it violates Dickey-Wicker. When Congress banned funding for “research,” it didn’t mean step two is okay but not step one."

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  1. I'm with US court! I think this should've been done before. I'm also against those who say "boy or girl? you choose", you know what they do? if parents want girls they kill the boys before they're born. and if parents want boys then they kill girls before their birth. This is absolute crime. I don't know how people openly practice this horrendous crime and no-one stops them.



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