Monday, August 16, 2010

CNN Has a Bed Bug Infestation at Time Warner Center (NYC)

The bed bug problem is more common then people would like to think; especially in New York City. There was a report a few years back that Fox News had a bed bug problem; though CNN's appears to be much more wide spread. Generally something like this would barely qualify as news beyond possibly some snarky comments from a competing network. Gladnick (News Busters) wonders if this problem will change people's positions on the banning of DDT.

"Unfortunately for CNN, the EPA has banned since 1972 the only insecticide really effective in combating bed bugs: DDT. And like good liberals, I am sure that CNN and most of the mainstream media fully supports that ban...until now. Therefore it will be interesting to see how long before CNN and other media outlets whose personnel are affected by the growing bed bug problem in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other urban areas plead for at least a temporary lifting of the DDT ban. It will be a case of liberal idealism vs. personal comfort."

"TVNewser has learned the human resources department of TBS Inc. has sent out an email this afternoon alerting staffers of a bed bug problem in their New York City offices at Time Warner Center -- home to CNN, and other Time Warner entities.

The Time Warner Center Facilities Department advises that bed bugs have been detected in Time Warner Center. This determination was made after testing was conducted on several floors of the building.

A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser, "the building management is addressing the issue and is taking immediate action."

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  1. I can't believe there are no comments on this site about the CNN bed bugs. Wow, when will people see this as the epedemic that is already is. Yes, please bring back DDT. Yes, temporarily, better yet permanently, lift the DDT ban. People need to wake up and realize how people who can't afford the long exterminating process (2 years to be sure all generations of the bed bug have been killed) are living with bed bugs and how the longer one waits to treat, how great the infestation grows. Think about it, that person leaves their home and rides the bus to work and this person goes to movie theaters and doctor offices and hospitals, leaving these hitchhikers behind for you to pick up. This is no longer a hygenic or class issue. How do you folks at CNN feel now? Has anyone from CNN taken these bed bugs home with them? Does anyone worry about their children being bitten and the 18 month to two year extermination and constant vacuuming and bagging process that it will take to be rid of the bed bug? Please America, school and Health Officials need to educate, and as a country need to stand up to illegal immigration and the EPA and
    be proactive to prevent the spread of bed bugs. I have educated myself, but that will do me no good if one uneducated person visits me in my home and passes a bed bug to me. I will check back to this site and invite and comments.


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