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Aerial Crowd Picture of Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

Picture embedded below. (via)

The crowd attending the

The photo's lack of resolution makes it hard to guess the number of people at the rally because it is hard to judge the crowd density. That said; the previous high end of the range was 500,000, this picture would indicate that could be the new low.

Update: Second Overhead Shot of Beck's Restoring Honor Rally (zoomed out further)


  1. I'd say 50,000+. No way's it's over 100,000. I've attended a lot of events on the Mall, so I know the size of the area shown there. It thins out around the edges... so this picture is pretty much it. I think 100K is generous.

  2. That is incorrect. Each side of the reflecting pool holds 250,000 ... which you can plainly see are both packed. The crowd stretched way beyond that into the WWII Memorial and beyond. There was also a significant gathering across the avenue all the way around the Washington Monument. Sorry, Michael, but there was more than a million easily. Beck's last gathering was not this big, and the crowd was more than 1,000,000. All the naysayers in the world can't change that, nor what took place today.

  3. I will put this to rest. Go to Google Images and type in "I have a dream speech" or "march on washington" aerial photos. They are there. King drew 250,00. Once you see the photos, you will that there is no way on God's green earth that Beck drew more than 250,000. Furthermore, Fox News—yes, that Fox News—reported that D.C. officials said the area covered by the permit could hold a little over 100,000 people, and if you look closely, there are some green patches. I think anonymous is thinking of the Capitol Mall, which does not have a big reflecting pool down the middle of it. Let's be realistic, shall we?

  4. Folks,

    Been there done that... I stomped from one side of the Lincoln memorial all they way around WWII and then out to Washington.... Holy Crap.... 500K is the new low. Total attendance for the day (those coming and going) easily exceeded 1000K, yes over a million.

    at its peak and taken in its totality from Washington, past WWII and to Lincoln; easily 750K+!!!

  5. Without knowing when the photo was taken on Saturday, it is a little misleading. After 11:30 many folks were going back to there hotels to watch on TV because then could not get close enough to see. Also after 1 o'clock when the rally was over there was a free music concert on stage with three popular country singers. Many folks stayed and listened to the songs. So if this photo was taken at 2 o'clock the crowd would had thinned out some. The news helicopter was flying over head much of the time so their should be a photo record of the crowd by minute. Over all there as a lot of people there. A lot of people

  6. mgc1237 said Look at google images..... I did go to google images. This is what I saw. The best photo I saw was showing the length of the pool looking at The Wash. Monu. If you look at that picture of that crowd, while packed up front, it thins out greatly a little more than half the way down the pool sides. (See all the green) And no one is gathered past the pool. Also this picture does not show how " thick the crowd was on the opposite side of he tree line. If you look at Beck's photo, you see that it was packed all the way down the pool on both sides. The crowd bellied out all the way to the Vietnam Mem. on one side and to the Koream war Monu on the other. Also there had to be upwards of 30 thousands from the ww2 mem. to the washington monu. probably more. By viewing the King speach photos how in the World mgc1237 could you say Becks was smaller? matching up the photos and looking at them with your eyes I would have to say Becks was bigger.

  7. micacqu is correct. I photographed the event from one end of the reflecting pool to the other and have compared 8-28-10 to MLK's incredible event. The 250K hearing MLK's speech were indeed crowded up to the Lincoln Memorial but thinned out quickly along the pool and did not fill the woods and lawns beyond as did the Restoring Honor rally. There were easily 3-5 times the number outside the Reflecting Pool lawn area...hence, 600 to 1000K. Keep in mind that the same folks said there were 30K at 9-12...I was there too. by OverTheDam

  8. OK, let's say that the CBS-derived estimate of 87,000 was completely correct. Based on looking at comparisons to the IHAD (1963) speech overhead photos (generally taken, it seems, from the roof of the Lincoln Mem) OBVIOUSLY, the crowd was much fuller all the way down the reflecting pond for the 828 event. Therefore, what can be extrapolated from this information, given the so-called 'accuracy' of the recent 'scientific' count is that the media had vastly INFLATED the 1963 event (in part, it can be supposed to support their own meme regarding the subject matter). So, therefore we might now DEFLATE the estimate of the King Speech to around, say 60,000 people. There. Is everybody happy now?

  9. Anonymous said...
    Couple of hundred thousand TOPS..get over it folks. that's being generous...there was plenty of grassy space between folks..period.

    I was there and walked it..
    No, im not a Dem/liberal, Im a Republican who has been embarrassed by my fellow Repubs for the last 12 years. This is NOT the Republican party I know..who cares about the crowd of some blogger/radio show host. It means nothing.

  10. I was there. It was CROWDED!There was not plenty of grassy space between folks.


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