Friday, May 7, 2010

Shahzad Tells Cops he Wanted Revenge For US Drone Strikes

I do not know if it is true, but I am inclined to not believe Shahzad when he says his attempted bombing of Time Square was meant as revenge for drone strikes. If Obama had not continued the drone strikes it would have been something else as his excuse of motivation. It is worth pointing to show a bit of irony as Glenn Reynolds explains below. Just to be clear though, I do not think Obama deserves any sort of blame for the attack.

"If the Taliban hate ‘em, that’s no reason to quit. But it’s kind of ironic, since these strikes are the signature Obama anti-terror technique, and since Obama’s partisans claimed he’d inspire less hatred"

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  2. sometimes I really think you are deluded, I already know Glenn Reynold's blood drenched vision of global politics is. There has been a markedly negative response to the U.S. when it engages in acts that kill civilians- like predator drone strikes. That's not evidence of some kind of inevitable U.S. bias, that's human nature. When the U.S. commits terror, we make people want to commit terror back.

    If a bomb went off on your street and killed your family, you being angry at who did it wouldn't then have happened regardless of whether a bomb was planted or not. There was a very angry response to 9/11, people like Bill O'Reilly were saying that the U.S. should in return make Afghanistan into "rubble"- would his and the rest of your crews expression of these sentiments after 9/11 have been "inevitable" as well? Of course not. And I think that's really the crux of alot of problems for the fanatical right in America- you point out the truth that is the actions which they advocate for and implement that actually makes people want to commit terror against us and you all throw hissy fits without a second of reflection about it.

    and your assertion that this shouldn't apply to others is at the very best extremely naive and at it's worse depraved. This is people, they are not ants- and yet you are more concerned about how you make it into some kind of partisan jab (which doesn't even make sense by the way- as his Afghanistan policy IS A RIGHT WING POLICY) at Barack Obama, like who cares?


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