Friday, May 14, 2010

US Snipers in Afghanistan Set to Get a New Sniper Rifle

You can not see them, nor hear them, but they are watching you. More than that, they can reach out and touch you at ranges so long and over terrain so inhospitable, that it could take you at least a few minutes riding toward them in a vehicle to get them in range of your weapons. They are allied snipers and their range is about to be extended. You should know, if you are foolish enough to move closer to them, that that you are just making it easier for them to hit you. You should also note that a vehicle makes for a much bigger target then a person, and they are firing bullets big and fast enough to punch through your engine block disabling your car. Some records are meant to be broken. (via)

"The Army will pour about $5.6 million into upgrades to the M24, with the new gear expected to be delivered to troops by this fall. The M24's barrel is being modified to shoot heavier .300 Winchester Magnum rounds, instead of the 7.62mm NATO ammunition, which should extend the rifle's maximum effective range by hundreds of yards to a maximum of about 1400 yards. The suppressor will reduce the noise and flash of the gun so snipers can stay in their hiding positions much longer after they fire.

The Army is also adopting a new chassis that allows for more "real estate" on the rifle—meaning the ability to attach accessories, especially much-needed night-vision devices that clip on directly to the rail in front of the scope. The scope itself will be improved, adding a variable power system that can reach 16.5x to 25x magnification. The Army will also fit the rifles with a rangefinder so troops will no longer have to perform calculations on distance.

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