Monday, May 31, 2010

Oshkosh Couple Threatened with Eviction for Flying American Flag

What difference it makes to have something outside the window vs visible through the window is beyond me, but is seems pretty awful that a vet was being told to take down his American flag or else face eviction here in the United States.

"Old Glory won’t be flying in the window of an Iraq War veteran’s apartment anymore. Charlie Price and his wife Dawn were forced to remove the American flag from their window or be evicted from their apartment complex.

“It’s ridiculous,” Dawn said. “I couldn’t believe that in America someone would be told that they can’t fly the American flag.”

The Prices had been displaying the flag in their dining room window of their unit in the Brookside Apartments since November, but Midwest Realty Management—the owner of the building—notified them Tuesday that it violates company policy.

If they did not remove it completely by Saturday or make sure it wasn’t visible from outside, they would be evicted. Dawn begrudgingly compromised with her apartment manager and placed a cloth between her flag and the window so that it wasn’t visible from outside her unit.
Oschleger insisted that the company’s objections are aesthetic and have nothing to do with the message a particular flag or banner might depict.

“This is a window situation,” he added. “If they wanted to put a flag on their balcony we would have no problem with that.”

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