Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Napolitano Admits She Still Has Not Read Arizona Immigration Law

We have been down this road before a lot. Arizona's New Immigration Enforcement Law was criticize by Gibbs, Holder, Napolitano, Obama, Holder again, and now Napolitano again without them having read it. It is ten pages; I know that they are busy, but it is ten pages.

It is almost as if they are intentionally not reading it to give them some sort of cover if they change their tune. That might work if it was thousands of pages long and they were asked for an off the cuff comment while they were reviewing it. Even then, the appropriate response would be 'we are still reviewing it and will hold comment until after we are done'. These are comments are in responses to questions they knew they would be asked with plenty of time to read the ten page bill. I do not think willful ignorance is an excuse they really want to try with the American people.

Video embedded below.

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