Monday, May 24, 2010

Possible Terrorist Attack Averted at Heinz Field (Pittsburgh)

The story seems innocuous enough, three men arrested breaking into Heinz Field telling police they were trying to recover a lost wallet who are released on $5,000 unsecured bond. At the bottom though a quick note; the FBI and Department of Homeland Security were notified and patrols have increased in the area. You have to read between the lines a little bit. Here are the names, ages, and locations of the people who were arrested:

"Shazad Hosi Mehta, 28, of Elmhurst, Ill., Adil A. Minocherhomjee, 22, of La Jolla, Calif., and Neville Noshir Medhora, 27, of Austin, Texas, were charged with criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit criminal trespass."

Ed Morrissey points out:

"Forget the names for a second, and look at the ages and the residences of the suspects. What are all three doing in Pittsburgh collaborating on a break-in at Heinz Field? They appear to be too old for a university prank (except perhaps Minocherhomjee), and since they all live hundreds of miles apart, it seems odd that the three of them would get together to do a search and rescue for … a wallet. That’s what they told police they were doing by breaking into the Steelers’ home field.

Unfortunately, the last time a game was played at the stadium was December, thanks to a mediocre Steelers season. That’s a long time to let a wallet sit in the stands. If they wanted to retrieve a wallet, wouldn’t they have called the stadium first to check with its lost and found department? The Pittsburgh police called the explanation “not credible,” which is a masterful understatement.

If it was not a prank and they were not really just trying to recover a wallet, then what were they doing? It may have been a dry run for a terrorist attack to probe what the security of the stadium was. It will be interesting to see if any of the three shows up for their court hearing or if they will skip bail and run.

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