Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home of Swedish Muhammad Cartoonist Firebombed

This is the same cartoonist I posted the attack of, him saying that he would not be intimidated even though the university is, and then the complete video of the attack. Fortunately the attempted arson or fire bombing attack failed, and no one was hurt.

"The home of a Swedish artist who once drew a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog has been hit by a suspected arson attack, police said Saturday.

Lars Vilks, who lives in Nyhamnslage in southern Sweden, was not at home during the attack late Friday night and no one was reported injured.
When officers arrived, they discovered plastic bottles filled with gasoline and fire damage on the surface of the building. Attackers are also suspected of having tried setting the inside of house on fire, but the flames are thought to have fizzled out.

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