Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brewer (MSNBC) Indicates She is Sorry Attempted Time Square Bomber is Not a Tea Party Protester

MSNBC's Brewer seems at least sorry that the attempted bomber was Islamic and possibly that he was not a Tea Party Protester. Bloomberg opined that the reason for the bombing attempt was that someone was upset about the health care bill before the suspect was caught. They need to stop trying to pin violence on people who are legitimately and rationally opposed to liberal policies, and open their eyes to reality.

Video embedded below.

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  1. You aren't rationally opposed to "liberal" polices (none of which were considered "liberal" by you, the republican party or the conservative movement until it was a Democratic president installing them) you are opposed for partisan reasons.

    And its not unreasonable of them, the greatest domestic terror threat comes from right-wing extremism. Far from the amateurish nature of the latest attempted attack, the FBI has actually been raiding militant right wing militia's hyped up on fox news and talk radio. A guy a couple of years ago shot up a school because he said he wanted to shoot the people in Bernie Goldberg's book but couldn't. Authoritarian political movement's are not uncommon for an electorate in a declining power to turn to- especially ones that make a scapegoat of everything.

    Before 9/11 the largest domestic terror attack came from a right-wing extremist.

    It's in a way this is related to your weird fixation with the leftists at the immigrant protest- whatever you think of their beliefs- what they do makes sense because the same groups have consistently opposed authoritarian policies for the past 100 years, no matter what party was in office. They were protesting Nafta, they were protesting the Iraq War and they are protesting arizona's creepy laws too. (pretty much all of these protests dwarf anything the tea party movement could put together- yet the tea party still gets a lot of media attention because it is hooked in with the public relations industry and the republican party- still you'll probbaly complain about more "liberal bias" that doesn't exist because the only way someone could be to the right of you is if they worked for Fox News.)

    The tea baggers however emerge not when George Bush is spending us into oblivion or using big government in Iraq, but when a Democratic president is basically doing the same thing in what pretty much every credible economist perscribes needs to be done as a result of the things the republicans did.


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