Monday, May 3, 2010

Attempted Time Square Bomber Used The Wrong Fertilizer

Whoever tried to set off a car bomb in Time Square (NYC) apparently used the wrong type of fertilizer. Using the wrong fertilizer would have meant that the bomb would have been less powerful then intended/thought, but the rest of the materials were sufficient to cause death and destruction to those around it.

"Police said the gasoline-and-propane bomb was crude but could have sprayed shrapnel and metal parts with enough force to kill pedestrians and knock out windows on one of America's busiest streets, full of Broadway theaters and restaurants on a Saturday night.

More than 100 pounds of fertilizer rigged with wires and fireworks were found with the bomb, but police said it was not the ammonium nitrate grade that can explode.
The homemade bomb was made largely with ordinary items including three barbecue grill-sized propane tanks, two 5-gallon gasoline containers, store-bought fireworks and cheap alarm clocks attached to wires.

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