Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ThinkProgress - 'Media Ignoring That Man Who First Alerted Police To Failed Times Square Bombing Is A Muslim'?!?

Think Progress has an article on how the media is ignoring the fact that one of the people who alerted police to check the vehical used in the attempted car bombing of Time Square was a Muslim immigrent (see link below). I do not think it is something that should be hidden, nor do I think the media is going out of its way to hide it, I just think the reason Think Progress appears to want it to be mentioned is false. The reason being that Americans think all Muslims are terrorists. That is just not the case. People understand that the vast majority of Muslims, especially Muslims in America, are hard working patriotic citizens. The comments they are quoting come from people who understand that at present while not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim. That may change, and indeed the terrorist groups are trying to recruit people that do not fit the current profile. The fact that a Muslim helped thwart the attack is not surprising, but neither is the fact that a Muslim was the one committing the attack.

"Yet one fact being ignored in the American media’s sensationalist narrative about the failed bombing is that the man who was responsible for police finding the bomb was Muslim. The UK’s Times Online reports that Aliou Niasse, a Senagalese Muslim immigrant who works as a photograph vendor on Times Square, was the first to bring the smoking car to the police’s attention"

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  1. whatever you think of thinkprogress, there was nothing in the report to indicate the reason they brought this up was because "they think americans think all muslims are terrorists". that's silly. If you want to know why they brought it up you should just ask them.


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