Thursday, February 4, 2010

Luxury Airship Balloons Designed to Take You to Your Destination in Comfort at a Leisurely Pace

A new airship design is a sort of floating luxury hotel. It does not move fast relative to other aircraft, but you will be much more comfortable then sitting in your airplane seat. They have a number of kinks to work out, but the designer hopes his dream will become a reality in the not to distant future.

Video embedded below.

"Towering, kite-shaped airships could herald a new era of luxury transport following today's introduction of the Aircruise concept.

Standing 98ft taller than Canary Wharf, packing 330,000 cubic metres of hydrogen gas and capable of lifting 396 tonnes, the Aircruise concept features penthouse apartments, bars and even dizzying glass viewing floors.

Aircruise was created as the antithesis of a hurried, crowded passenger jet. London-based design and innovation company Seymourpowell wanted to rethink transport - on the premise 'slow is the new fast'. It could ferry 100 people from London to New York in a leisurely 37 hours as opposed to the seven it takes now by airplane.

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