Friday, February 5, 2010

Google Working on a Store View?

There are rumors starting to circulate that Google is working on a Store View add on to their Street View. The product is as you would imagine it, the ability to walk into the store virtually just as you can walk down the street virtually. The rumor stems from people claiming to be Google employees taking pictures in stores at specific increments. Google has issued a 'non-denial denial' just fueling the speculation.

"I received a tip from a New York retailer named Oh Nuts, that Google came to their store to take pictures for a new Google Maps product named “Google Store Views.” I was told that they took pictures of the inside of the store, every 6 feet, in all directions. They also took pictures of products.

Google Store Views will allow people to essentially walk into the store, off of Google Street Views. So imagine you are looking at this store, and then you can click on the door to enter it, all on Google Maps. Then when you enter the store, you can wall through it.

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