Monday, July 7, 2008

Commenting and Linking is Encouraged

While it generally goes with out saying that blogs like people to comment on their posts, there are a number of blogs out their that have turned off their comment boards.

Here at the BermanPost,you are encouraged to comment or link. Provided that is, that you follow the Comment Guidelines.

We will try to respond to every comment which seems to need one either on the comment board where it first appeared, or in a new post.

If instead, or in addition, you care to have a link debate/discution, we will partisipate.

If you do not understand what this means, follow the steps below:
1) Someone reads one of our posts.
2) They feel the need to comment or respond to something we said.
3) They make their own blog post linking back to the one they read.
4) They Email us letting us know or we find out in anther way.
5) We make a new blog post responding to what they posted, linking to their post.
6) We contact them to let them know.
7) Repeat as long as necessary.

We hope to hear from you soon

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