Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Google Makes Politicians Speeches Searchable

Google unveiled a new tool that makes it possible to search politicians speeches. You can then jump to the point in the video where the politician said the words you were searching for. This will make it much easier for the average political observer to keep politicians honest. It will also make it almost impossible for the politicians to get away with anything. This technology will likely spread to all videos at some point, but for now it is only available on the political channel of YouTube.com.


"Today, the Google speech team (part of Google Research) is launching the Google Elections Video Search gadget, our modest contribution to the electoral process. With the help of our speech recognition technologies, videos from YouTube's Politicians channels are automatically transcribed from speech to text and indexed. Using the gadget you can search not only the titles and descriptions of the videos, but also their spoken content. Additionally, since speech recognition tells us exactly when words are spoken in the video, you can jump right to the most relevant parts of the videos you find."

Update: More Thoughts at - http://www.bermanpost.com/2008/07/few-more-thoughts-on-googles-speech-to.html

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