Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your Replacement is Already Here

Today I witnessed a naturalization ceremony of some 180 plus people. Though I knew none of them personally, they were clearly of different races and creeds. They had on a decent variety of cloths, and appeared to be of a wide verity of different national origins. The pride on their faces was unmistakable, as was the pride on the face of the family and friends they brought along.

What a stark contrast to all the people who are already citizens saying, "If this politician get elected, or that policy passes I am moving to ____ [foreign country]."

Of all the countries in the world, our new citizens chose to come here. They chose to throw off their allegiance to their place of origin, and swear an oath to this country. As bad as some people think we are, these new citizens believe this country to be the best in the world.

In short; for all the people contemplating leaving, go head, your replacement is already here.

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